Hydraulic Fill Up and circulation Tool (HY-FACT)

Hydraulic Fill Up and circulation Tool (HY-FACT)


Hydraulic Fill Up and circulation Tool, manufactured by Endeavour, is designed to reduce the time during filling up and flushing required to run the casing strings, and also allows to run without interruption, which reduces the chances of sticking under the influence of pressure drop, and also helps to achieve the running of the casing to the bottom when meeting most challenging downhole conditions.

Technical specification:

  • Working pressure - 41MPa
  • Casing string diameter - 6-5/8" to 13-3/8" (168-340 mm)
  • The maximum flow rate - 2100 l/m
  • The internal diameter of the tool (min.) is 2-1/4" (57mm.)
  • Operating temperature, from -40ºС to + 80 ºС.
  • Working environment - Drilling fluids, including hydrocarbon-based mud
  • Connection to the top drive - NC50


  1. Single pipe and column lifted and held by side door elevator.
  2. The packer of the tool is stab into the pipe by hydraulics controlled from the rotor.
  3. The system is ready for flushing.

If you want to request a quotation or if you need additional information, please send a request to: trs@endv.su